Alubond takes a big share in the
Egyptian market.

With the big rise in the egyptian construction market, several manufacturing sectors grew in parellel and the high profile aluminium manufacturers in the patricular that provide the market with the highest quality and standard products comply with the latest requirements of 4g cities such as Alameen, Galala, and the New Capital.

Alubond is one of those high-profile manufacturers that has occupied a unique post in the Arab Gulf market. Alubond is now the Egyptian arket to hit the top rank in a short span of time. In this interview next is exploring the horizons of Alubond and its future plans in the Egyptian market.To introduce Alubond USA in the Egyptian Market,majoriy targeting the project segments which usually uses Fire Rated material. And it's own industry, Alubond USA produces one of the highest fire rated metal composites in the world and we emphais on delivering the highest quality products to our customers.